Every culture teaches newcomers how and why we do things around here. It’s not the policy or process things exactly. It’s more the reasons behind what we say, how we say it, when to be quiet, and when to be loud. It’s a map that guides you smoothly through relationships like a native.

When we learn the back story behind what everyone thinks is funny or sad, another layer of the culture is added. We learn why we never give up, bounce back, and sometimes what the rules are for breaking the rules. There is always “a way” of doing things that can be taught to the next generation of leaders.

What do you do when “Our Way” has a reputation for waste, screwing it up, or missing the mark no matter how good your intentions? Some schools, businesses, and teams have this self-defeating culture that keeps them down.

The best leaders I’ve met don’t care about the reputation. They re-frame, refocus, and repurpose “Our Why” to change the mindset of everyone who will listen.

These leaders enlist key players to help re-create “The Way We Do Things” to bring everyone in the culture on the same page. It becomes The Crown Way, The Norris Way, The Mattoon Way, The Medford Way that defines us and makes people sit up and take notice.

The message becomes The Way we do things here brings our vision, mission, and values to life so we can serve you.

What’s “Your Way?” Does it breathe life into your culture?

Life is a team sport. Make sure your team knows and lives “Your Better Way.”