Great to meet during the Vistage Session!

I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak to you during my time with your Vistage group meeting.  Looking to put what you learned into practice and invest in workforce development?

If so, Crown Global is here to assist you …

  • Identify strong employees
  • Develop areas of growth in your leadership team
  • Directly impact how you lead and growth your team

Let’s find a time to connect!

“Crown partnered with us to develop our future leaders through interview feedback on their strengths and areas for growth. They are better prepared to take the next steps in their leadership journeys. Simply excellent!”

Dr. Prentiss Lea, Superintendent,

“The principals we selected last spring with Crown’s assistance are already hitting it out of the park, and it’s only been six months. The new leaders and their supervisors thoroughly enjoyed the feedback sessions. We are excited about their renewed focus and energy as they begin planning for next year.”

Dr. Bill Redinger, Assistant Superintendent for HR,