One of the greatest compliments I’ve heard of a leader was she is often the smartest person in the room. She is the CEO of a multi-million-dollar organization, who leads a school district in Wisconsin.

However, when other people left the meeting, they said felt smarter. She would sit next to the person, look at their data together, and ask guided questions to help the person see the problem and figure out a solution. I heard many people say they walked away from those meetings ready to lead.

You probably fall into situations all the time that need some problem solving. Do you make it a teachable moment to show people how smart you are, or do you teach them how to handle this situation on their own next time it happens?

There will be a next time, and when that day comes what will people do with your example? Run back to you, or run straight into the problem equipped to handle it? After you leave, will the people around you be ready to carry on, or be crippled by your absence?

Life is a team sport. Make your team the smartest person in the room.