“If you have to probe, probe, probe with an applicant, and you hire them, it will become prod, prod, prod.” – Tom Chambers, Principal, Greenville County Schools

This genuine gold nugget of interviewing wisdom came from a principal in one of our many interview workshops in Greenville County, SC.

It’s sooooo tempting to stop listening to what a candidate or team member is saying and start digging for the answer you want to hear.

Problem is, what you may find in your digging is fool’s gold. If you’re not listening to them, they are taking clues to what you are looking for. The answer is often not true to themselves.

If there’s no substance in a natural response, accept it and move on to the next candidate or employee.

That true response will only come out later on in their actions — or lack of action. You will then switch from probing to prodding to get things done. Not fun.

Avoid “hire remorse” from selecting the wrong person. Choose “hire clarity” by learning to listen for quality instead.

Life is a team sport. Stop probing now so you don’t have to prod later.