The sins of others are just another version of your sins. Sin touches us all but it’s not for us to punish or shame. It’s a disease of the soul that needs to be treated with love and healed by the hand of God. That doesn’t mean sin doesn’t go without discipline. Discipline includes justice, correction, and growth in mind instead of just getting even. God disciplines those He loves because the goal is to restore to wholeness.

Not ready to forgive until you get what you want? Well, how long do you want to allow the one who hurt you to have control over you? Forgiveness is not about the other person, it’s for you. How can you heal if you still hold on to resentment and anger over a person or a group?

If we don’t heal then all the hard-fought progress, we may have made will be lost — and the cycle repeats. Withholding forgiveness is relatively easy. Let someone else punish. Humbling ourselves to healing is hard and takes courage. Let the cycle stop with you.

Life is a team sport. Injured players get benched until they heal. Take time to heal.