If we only knew what we know across our organization, we’d be so much farther ahead. How many game-changing ideas, backstories, and deep insights into how things work are hidden from people who could make them soar? Children naturally share what they know, but somewhere along the way, adults learned to keep to themselves. Silos happen naturally between groups and harden over time if we don’t constantly work to tear them down.

Great leaders don’t wait for knowledge to find its way to the sunshine. They create intentional connections between people and across teams to share knowledge that advances a cause to serve student learning, customer goals, or connect a community. Each new and current member of the team is valued for the experience, perspective, and potential innovation.

Each person is invited to contribute their talents to shape plans and offer feedback to the work of others. Gaps are bridged and holes get plugged with data, a different approach, or access to resources that would otherwise gone without.

Instead of flexing strong egos, great leaders flex relationships that support a culture of collaboration. We learn to open up and share again for all the right reasons, like we did as children.

Life is a team sport. You’ll get farther down the field by sharing the playbook.