Knowing as a Gift

Have you ever experienced the change that happens when a truth that was hidden is revealed? Some of my best memories come from moments of knowing something that would change my life forever (She said ‘yes!’). Sometimes it takes a while to appreciate knowing a truth and value it as a gift. What if you could receive the “Gift of Knowing” every time you focused on a significant decision, like the decision to hire a new employee or leader?

Knowing can be a gift when the truth behind it allows you to think and act more effectively.

What are some ways we can reduce the guesswork in knowing a truth or defining a great solution to a problem? Without a clear set of standards to guide your decisions, it may take some time to see the results of your decision. Some people are happy if they get it right at least half the time… but that is what we call average. Who wants to settle for average? This is where standards based hiring tools fit in.

Knowing People

 have come to understand hiring tools as more than a just a process, it is a way of thinking about the purpose driving your process. I used to describe Crown as providing effective tools for attracting and identifying talent – a helpful process. Now I define our service as helping people hear and recognize excellence in building a better workplace – a clear value to clients. Knowing people at a deeper level, to make better decisions. That is the real value behind the Gift of Knowing.

Knowing how closely a candidate or employee matches the thinking and actions of your best people allows you to take actions that benefit the individual as well as your company, school, or organization. We help clients define and collaborate around positive standards of excellence when selecting new members to the team. Even more, you are equipped to pass on the gift of knowing by describing why they were chosen, based upon their strengths, and specific areas for continued growth.

We turn hiring guesswork into knowing. That sounds like a gift that will keep giving through 2016 and beyond! I invite you to contact us to learn how Crown helps you make better decisions with excellent people. What is the “Gift of Knowing” you bring to those you serve?