Full Recruiting


Focus Your Expertise

Crown’s expertise helps you focus on leading your team, while we bring you candidates that stand out as a person and as a top performer.

Choose Your Interview

Gain Objectivity

Gain a critical, objective understanding of candidates beyond their resume, matching their talents with your team goals.

Fuel Professional Development

Fuel Team Productivity

Bring your team up to speed with people who quickly build on your team’s strengths and fuel their own development with Crown interview feedback.

How do you find time to recruit top leaders and still lead your team?

Sometimes you need to source a high-level leader or specialty role but don’t have the time or the expertise to meet everyone’s expectations.  Crown provides full-service recruitment and interviewing, managing the entire process end-to-end and presenting recommended candidates that meet our mutual standards. While you make all the key decisions, Crown associates manage the process as an HR partner, handling all the administrative heavy lifting.

You see only top candidates in a focused, efficient, and effective report to guide your decisions. Each report gets to the essence of this person’s potential fit on your team and provides a guide to discuss advantages of each candidate with you. This same report is used to define feedback for growth once a candidate is hired to help them excel in their new role. The final decision is always yours to make with confidence, knowing each person you hire will push your team toward excellence.

Each Talent Summary report includes:

  • Executive summary analysis
  • Candidate interview response graph
  • Interview response script
  • Screening documents and notes

“If I had done this myself, I would have already hired the wrong person. You helped me hear what I was missing and listen for the kind of leader I most need”

Rusty Cochran, CEO, Home Services, California

How Crown Global HR’s Recruiting as a Service Works

Listen & Learn

We listen as you describe the ideal person for this role and learn about the unique strengths, skills, and goals for this position.

Define Our Partnership

Following your timeline, we define the stage in the process where Crown helps recruit, screen, interview, and assess top candidates.

Request and Recommend

Respond & Recommend

As strong candidates surface, we quickly schedule interviews and make recommendations based on candidates’ strengths and areas for growth.

Need Some Help Finding Talent?

Request a free 30-minute consultation to describe your situation, and get a few tips on making quality hires instead of settling for the best available candidate.