Yes, I get it. We’re excited if an applicant for a posting applies for the job… and their skills are even remotely close to what we want. We’re thrilled if the person even responds to a text or email. We’re elated when we get a phone screen or in-person interview with the person. We’re absolutely giddy if they actually answers the phone or show up at the scheduled time.

All those hours and days of searching for a new employee at the frontline, specialty, or even leader level…resulting in being brushed off or ghosted. Finally, a candidate to consider for the position that’s been vacant for too long.

That’s the moment you have to STOP. BREATHE. And REMEMBER…

You need more than a heartbeat, a fogged mirror, or the skills to do the job.

Quality still counts in how this candidate:

  • Builds and maintains relationships
  • Defines and lives out their purpose
  • Gets things done WITH people
  • Focuses on results as a team
  • Brings out the best in others, in all situations.

This all takes more than just a heartbeat, it takes the heart of a servant with talent and skill.

Resist the temptation to settle. Or you’ll have to do it all over again when you let them go.

Life is a team sport. Build your team with quality.