Save Valuable Time

Focus on applicants with the qualities that complement your team’s strengths—and gain back valuable time.

Easy-to-Read Graphs

Identify applicant strengths and areas for growth before you interview with our easy-to-read graphs.

The Personal Touch

Go deeper than an applicant’s resume to see who they are as a person and how they’ll perform in a given role.

Is Your Time Spent Interviewing the Right People?

How often do you end an interview thinking the person didn’t match their resume? Crown’s Online Talent Screener provides evidence of how well applicants recognize the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of top performers.

This goes deeper than the resume, giving you a glimpse into their work and collaboration styles. Applicants respond to everyday work situations in the Talent Screener, as part of your application process. Access user-friendly graphs through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Crown portal, to help hiring managers quickly and easily decide who to interview and what to listen for in the next stage of the hiring process.

 This makes it far more efficient to sort through high volumes of resumes and enables client teams to focus time and resources on applicants who reflect the qualities valued by the organization.

“Crown Global is the missing piece to our hiring process for key administrative positions in the District. The invaluable information they provide regarding leadership skills of potential new employees cannot be attained through just the interview process. They give us confidence in our hiring process”

Linda Goers, Former HR Director,

“The Crown Online Talent Screener saves us valuable time by helping us quickly make better professional judgements and interview people who are in the game

Deitre Helvey, HR Specialist,
  South Carolina

How Applicant Screening with the Online Talent Screener Works

Listen & Learn

We listen as you describe the type of people you want to hire and learn more about the goals and strengths of your team.

Choose Your Screening Level

We guide you through choosing a subscription plan that’s right for you, based on the size and scope of your hiring needs.

Connect & Go

We activate your subscription and train your team to use the results from the Online Talent Screener in your hiring process.

Need Some Help Finding Talent?

Request a free 30-minute consultation to describe your situation, and get a few tips on making quality hires instead of settling for the best available candidate.