A design call with a client:

I was recently on one of my favorite types of calls with a client: proofing questions for a new interview. As we reviewed each question, his energy increased along with his laugh. As he apologized for laughing, I reassured him it was a very good sign. His laughter confirmed we had designed a iHATT question (“iHappens All The Time”) that felt personal. These type of questions bring clarity to how candidates experience a Crown interview. Because the candidates can picture themselves in a very real moment for a job, we can better understand how they would likely respond if they were on the team.

Refining our interview confirmed that Crown’s work with his team was hitting the mark, ensuring the candidates we interview, and recommend, will fit right in with the top salespeople on his team. These carefully crafted questions complete an interview that joins three other interviews supporting multiple teams across this major US company. They recognize the power of selecting people who match a standard for excellence and reveal who candidates are as people, in addition to what they know as professionals. We have become a trusted advisor and partner to their leaders, by giving them a chance to confirm the accuracy of a question and cheer when they find a new team member who hits one out of the park. Now that we know our definitions and questions are on track, the next step is to study several top performers and take these questions for a test drive.

With laughter filling the office, my colleagues added their thoughts on how we touched our client that day…


Mary’s view of the Call:

Rarely am I compelled to pop in on a conference call with a new client, but when I hear them laughing so hard from two offices away, I am curious. Fortunately, the laughter was confirmation of how our newly designed interview questions were describing exact scenarios his employees face daily. Better yet, laughter followed by, ‘Now I know why everyone in our company loves you guys so much. The responses to these questions will definitely help me know who candidates really are and how well they fit into my team. In fact, one of your questions is a scenario I like to role play because a poor behavior response in this situation would cost us the client.”

Developing a great interview is fun, but hearing the excitement and satisfaction in this director’s voice is fulfilling. Now the smiles and laughs come from our office along with a great sense of satisfaction.


Brandon’s view of the Call:

Since starting with Crown, I have gained an appreciation for the process of creating an interview for a client. I am constantly amazed at the process Crown has developed for helping organizations hire the best people. Yesterday’s conference call only solidified my view of this work. I could hear the reactions of our client as the interview questions were being read to him. At one point, he simply asked Paul if he was following him because he was consistently hitting issues his employees deal with constantly. Throughout the conversation I could hear the relief in the client’s voice as he realized just how helpful this interview will be in selecting great candidates for future open positions.

Discovering my role with Crown is extremely interesting and fun to learn. However, hearing and seeing the impact we are making on clients today, is by far the greater reward. It is an amazing work, and I am glad to be a part of the team.