Most days when I interview candidates for leader positions, I hear them describe how they problem solve, plan, and make decisions. Sadly, the most common response is some form of “I use my knowledge and experience to show everyone I know what to do then persuade them to do it my way.” Tell, sell, and hope it gels is the average answer and way too common.

What happens when a leader has enough confidence in their own talent and step back to let members of their team shine? Mentor leaders, as coach Tony Dungee calls them, show humility by checking their ego long enough to ask guided questions to let others diagnose, help others connect the dots, prompt others to design a creative solution to the issue… and then let the team take the credit.

It can’t be said enough about stepping into a leader’s role — it’s not about you. Stop showing off and start showing up as Mentor in Chief to help others shine in the business so you can work on the business. You don’t have to be the One Who Holds the Torch… make more torches!

Life is a team sport. Help you team earn a well-deserved chance to shine and light up the world!