My family has been waiting for a decision on the future of one of us. The decision was completely out of our hands and today was the day to find out the path defined for The One.

The stress and strain of waiting were mixed patient humility for the goodness of God to clear a way. In the end, there was no cause for concern. The decision wasn’t “good” or “bad” — It was right.

So now, I feel the need to just stop and breathe. Just relax all that nervous energy that keeps me moving and dealing with large and small tasks non-stop. Breathe. Shift from shallow breathing to grateful breaths of peace.

Slowly inhale. Slowly exhale. No active thoughts, just rest and breathe. Some call it mindfulness. I call it breathing, listening, and letting God’s Spirit quietly wash over my soul. Let all the running thoughts, concerns, worry fade away.

Less activity and more presence for a time. Rest. Not work to rest, but work from rest. With the decision behind us, I can focus more clearly not because of the science behind proper breathing. I will breathe easier because I am reminded I wasn’t in control of the decision anyway… only how I trust and live.