Interview Training


Hear the Difference

Learn the difference between responses that sound good and responses that reflect the thinking of top performers.

Know Your "Why"

Know why you choose to hire a candidate, based on their strengths and areas for potential growth within your team.

Collaborate & Agree

Hiring managers with diverse views learn to collaborate and quickly reach an agreement on hiring decisions as a team.

About Crown Global HR

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring, or Are You Guessing?

Tired of interviews being hit or miss based on who asks the questions? With Crown Interview Training, your team will learn to work together using a consistent set of questions and criteria.

This training is best for clients with a steady flow of applicants to fill an ongoing need for larger employee groups like support services, teachers, and managers. You will learn to recognize interview responses that reflect excellence, compared to answers with a pretty bow. Instead of guessing how candidates will perform, know their strengths and areas for growth before you make an offer.

We also provide team-level questions to get their input on your final decision. Our Interview Training includes active hands-on learning, live practice, and continual feedback to create consistency on your team.

The result? Your new hiring process can “wow” candidates, even when you don’t hire them.

“We had a great workshop experience. As you can tell, the training went very well. Everyone expressed positive feedback for the product, the professional development, the expertise of the trainers, and the value to the district.”

Margaret Spivey, HR Director,
South Carolina

“I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of this interview process. It is just what is needed to help us find the BEST of the BEST teachers! It is worth our time and effort, and a lot of fun.”

Nancy Brantley, Principal,
South Carolina

How Crown Global HR Interview Training Works

Listen & Learn

We listen as you describe the ideal type of people for this role and learn more about the unique strengths and goals of your team.

Choose Your Interview

We help you choose the best interview to fit your ongoing needs, then define a training plan to guide your team.

Train Your Team

We partner with you to facilitate an engaging two-step training, either on site, online, or a combination of the two.

Need Some Hiring Advice?

Request a free 30-minute consultation to describe your situation, and get a few tips on making quality hires instead of settling for the best available candidate.