Final Interview


Release Your Expertise

Crown’s expertise helps you know each candidate as a person, allowing you to focus your expertise on their knowledge, skills, and team fit.

Gain Objectivity

Gain a critical, objective understanding of candidates beyond their resume, matching their talents with your team goals.

Fuel Professional Development

Use our rich, personalized interview reporting to fuel the new employee’s development after they join your team.

How do You Separate Champions from the Charmers?

Imagine you’re down to three candidates for an important leadership position. How do you separate the champion from the charmer? Crown partners with you to help you do just that.

After learning about your team and the unique needs and goals for the role, we quickly schedule personalized, in-depth interviews with each finalist candidate. After the interview, we provide a report clearly describing this person’s potential fit on your team and discuss the advantages of each finalist with you. This same report is used to define feedback for growth once a candidate is hired to help them excel in their new role. The final decision is always yours to make with confidence, knowing each person you hire will push your team toward excellence.

Each summary report includes:

  • Executive summary analysis
  • Candidate interview response graph
  • Interview response script

“Crown provides critical information about potential new employees that impact our hiring decisions. They provide us a roadmap to build upon their strengths and areas for growth once they begin their career in Minnetonka.”


How Crown Global HR’s Interview as a Service Works

Listen & Learn

We listen as you describe the ideal person for this role and learn about the unique strengths and goals of your team.

Define Our Partnership

Following your timeline, we define the stage in the process where Crown helps screen, interview, and assess your top candidates.

Request & Recommend

As strong candidates surface, we quickly respond to your interview request and make recommendations based on candidates’ strengths and areas for growth.

Need Some Hiring Advice?

Request a free 30-minute consultation to describe your situation, and get a few tips on making quality hires instead of settling for the best available candidate.