You’re either in love with what you know, or you can be in love with what you don’t know. Pick your love carefully… Humility is a form of courage. – Jordan Peterson in a 1/2021 podcast with Matthew McConaughey 

Humility is the opposite of weakness.  It’s easy to boldly act like you know everything, or at least an area you think should be your expertise.  We used to tease my Dad that he was often in error, but never in doubt. He couldn’t help himself – he was a former science teacher who enjoyed at least attempting an answer with a straight face. 

It’s one thing to try something new with the knowledge or skill you have and give it your best shot.  It’s another thing to act like a big shot without taking the risk. “Fake it till you make it” is not humility, it’s fake and it lacks the joy that comes from not having to keep up a facade of being better than you are. 

I may not always feel comfortable when I’m vulnerable and admitting I don’t have the answer.  I’m not always right nor do I always know what to do.  But I want to get it right eventually and find a way to make things work. That starts with humility to admit my gaps, especially when I “should” know something.   

Humility can become courage when I make it a habit. That courage can become a huge advantage as a leader and as a person when my humility causes me to listen, ask questions, invite people to shape decisions, and get things done together. 

Life is a team sport.  How can humility help you get out of the way and let other people shine?