Case Study Greenville Public Schools

As the principals finished up Phase 2 of their teacher interview training there was a sense of unity and confidence that exited the room. This unity and confidence was due to the fact that they had all been challenged to select better talent for their schools and now had the tools to do so! Using the Crown Global Five Teacher Keys they were able to see what qualities high achieving teachers possess and how to identify those in the interview process.

Positively Relating = How does this teacher CONNECT with others?

Mission Focusing = What is this teacher’s AIM?

Facilitating Learning = How does this teacher ENGAGE students with learning?

Results Focusing = How does this teacher MEASURE progress?

Extending Growth = How does this teacher REACH OUT beyond the classroom?


The feedback from these principals showed common themes of collaboration, listening and dedicating time to the interview process. The training was beneficial because now they have both transparency and consistency in their interview process. District leaders trained to identify quality educators using the Crown process gives them insights to help these quality educators grow.


Greenville Public Schools in South Carolina is Crown’s largest client and has been using our services for the last five years! They invest in quality training and education to continue to provide a high quality educational experience for their students! If you would like to learn more about the Greenville experience and how they went to the next level with Crown contact Preston Harris at 402-853-0193.