Out of the blue an email or call comes from someone who came close to committing, then backed away. At the time I was respectful and understanding.  Who can blame anyone in 2020 for having second thoughts about a big project with all the financial uncertainties? But still, I was very disappointed. After all, it had been a very tough year and my own financial uncertainties needed some shoring up. 

So here I am looking at the email, and they want to talk again.  They have a specific issue to address that wasn’t covered last year before they proceed. My response? Joy for this potential client, and joy for us!  It would be easy to take an attitude with them, but that would be such a waste of energy.  

After all, whatever caused them to back out last year is no longer in the way. And we know we can spark new life into how this leadership team inspires their staff and their students.  No need to explain anything. It’s easy in business to be wanted as the first love in our market. Don’t worry about that.  Go ahead and look around for others to love  

When you’re ready to settle down, we’ll be waiting for you.  We want to be your last love.  

I’m just grateful for a second chance. 

Life is a team sport.  How will you respond to a second chance?