Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Crown’s interview tools help save me time and money?
Employers commonly describe personnel issues as a root cause of costly turnover, client dissatisfaction, and low productivity, among other issues. By increasing the quality of every new hire with Crown’s services, employers have experienced as much as 3 to 5 million dollars in hard and soft cost savings within the first few years as part of the Crown Client Community.
How do candidates benefit from Crown interviews?

Many times the interviewer talks as much, if not more, than the candidate. Candidates often leave wondering what the hiring manager wanted to hear and wishing they had an opportunity to really describe who they are and how they like to work. After experiencing a Crown interview, candidates report feeling thoroughly listened to, with the opportunity to express their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors as a professional. Candidates also walk away with an understanding of the high standards expected by the hiring manager and organization. Ultimately, Crown interviews contribute to positive relationships with candidates while finding the best fit for both the candidate and employer.

Can I use Crown’s tools to coach new and existing employees?

Yes! Most hiring processes are disconnected from employee development. But the insights you receive from Crown interviews can be valuable to onboard, coach, and develop new hires. As you coach new employees, these insights allow you to use their strengths and areas of growth as building blocks for continual development. Leaders can more effectively bring out the best in new hires, their current team, and other colleagues, all while reinforcing a culture of excellence.

Why Crown Global HR?

Our clients are often asked why they decided to include Crown in their hiring and growth strategy. The following responses shed light on their experience. Do any of these questions reflect your thoughts?

Why are structured questions better than typical interview questions?

Applicants tell us they hear the same basic questions from hiring managers over and over again. These questions are often generic and centered on knowledge or skills. Crown’s structured questions are designed to focus on listening for defined qualities of excellence in a job category based upon research of top performers. Using a defined set of questions and response criteria helps interviewers identify the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors consistent with top performers.

Why use questions aligned with qualities of excellence?

Most interview questions are based on a job description or resume experience, rather than pinpointing the talents of their very best current employees. Often, interview questions are relatively random without a clear direction. By using structured questions aligned with defined qualities, you make sure each question is consistent with your standard of excellence. This consistent approach also creates a common language and focus when you make hiring decisions.

When interviewing a candidate, what makes a good response?

Most interviewers ask questions without knowing what they want to hear. Each interviewer interprets the candidate’s responses from their own perspective, leaving the hiring team to make assumptions about what they heard. Crown’s approach designs interview questions with specific criteria that taps into the unique qualities of top performers. The interviewer simply listens and compares the candidate’s response to the defined response criteria. This creates a highly consistent way to measure each candidate and compare them to the entire candidate pool.

How can you tell the difference between a “good sounding” response and one that is truly the best?

We all know that some applicants can be charming and know all the right things to say. We also know that what you see (and hear) is not always what you get. References and resumes can often be little more than “fan mail.” When the interviewer listens for concepts as well as specific behaviors, the charm fades away when compared to the criteria of excellent performers. Great candidates recognize what you are looking for and give specific evidence of their skills.

Why is it important to use the same questions and criteria with all candidates for the position?

It’s common for hiring managers to develop their own questions that might be different for each interview. This leads to high variety in the quality of new hires in an organization. By using consistent questions and criteria to measure responses, interviewers develop skills that allow them to uncover a candidate’s true nature. Crown’s approach is designed to integrate with your existing hiring process to increase the quality of your candidate pool. Individual hiring managers can still seek additional information within the process.