There was a time hiring managers could treat entry level, service, and front-line employees the same because the job was a job. Nothing more.

One size fits all in this case, so many employees were treated like commodities. They could be dumb about who employees were as people because there was always someone else who wanted the job if they didn’t.

The tables have turned. For a variety of reasons including COVID, people aren’t waiting in line to take these jobs anymore. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Employers are waiting in line for a handful of applicants, hoping they don’t get ghosted somewhere along the way. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Employers don’t have to be dumb about what makes employees unique and valuable instead of a commodity. True, if you’re an employer who does care for employees as part of a healthy team your job is extra hard to convince jobseekers you are different. That you’re not average and definitely not dumb.

Is it worth the extra effort? I truly believe it is. It’s worth the effort to separate yourself from the pack to create a new word-of-mouth that points real talent to you and your organization.

Life is a team sport. Care for employees like they matter to your team and long-term success and talent will follow.