A hundred amazing resumes may only reveal 15–20 people worth looking at, with less than 10 worth interviewing. Do the math. How much time do you have to review 100 resumes? If resumes only tell part of the story anyway, what do you do?

“We hire people for what they know, and fire them for who they are.” — HR Proverb

Automated screeners and phone screening calls are often used to uncover skills, experience, or how applicants get things done, but that is still only part of the puzzle. Clients tell me all the time about highly skilled and experience people who get things done BUT leave a trail of debris behind them, usually strained relationships. Who needs that?

When you screen for talent before filtering resumes, you save precious hours to focus on people who may thrive on your team. Once you have a sense of the person’s work style and how they get things done, then you can look at a smaller number of resumes to confirm what they bring to the job.

Sometimes an applicant may surprise you with talent worth coaching up, even with less experience or skills. Clients who use our Crown Online Talent Screener quickly know if this person is a good investment of time if everything else checks out. They tell us about people with valuable talent that would have been overlooked by resume screening alone.

Life is a team sport. Are you screening wisely so you have more time to invest in your team?