For years feedback from your team and supervisor makes it clear they want you to stop controlling so much and start delegating. But it’s just easier and dependable to do it yourself, right? But does your team and those you serve need a “genius with a thousand helpers” or a leader who grows more leaders? What if you get hit by a proverbial truck and aren’t around to carry all the loads — then what?

Great leaders intentionally delegate duties by blending the core strengths AND interests of people as a part of achieving personal AND team goals. The conjunction AND is used on purpose here, because both ideas are critical to big, sustainable growth. If one side is missing from this equation, you only get half the potential results.

Just because a person is good at something doesn’t mean they like to do it. Why does that matter? When delegating important responsibilities, growth minded leaders pay attention to their team’s talents and skills when delegating, but that’s not all.

They know this person will perform at their best when also considering interests AND personal goals on bigger projects. That way if an employee has a career goal in mind, delegating a new responsibility can help them become more valuable to the team AND their career.

Life is a team sport. Delegate with strengths AND interests for better performance.