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Bring Clarity to Your People Process

Crown Global HR provides a variety of services to help you build the ideal process to support your current team while building for the future. Throughout your journey, our services play a role to help you confidently guide people into the best roles based on their confirmed strengths. While our services provide additional value when used together, you are free to choose individual services to satisfy your organization’s unique needs.

Everything we do supports one purpose: uplifting the quality of your team’s talent aligned with standards of excellence reflected in your best employees.  Whether provided online or on-site, Crown’s services adapt to meet changing client expectations.


What if your whole team was made up of top performers?

See how the School District of Holmen uses theme-based hiring to select the best candidates and develop their employees into top performers.

Assess Applicants


Effective screening allows you to focus your time and resources on applicants who reflect the qualities you value and possess the talents you need.

How Crown Can Help

Our automated Online Talent Screener helps you easily identify which applicants have the qualities necessary to succeed in both the position and your organization. This screening tool helps you know who to interview and what to listen for in the next stage of the process.

How the Online Talent Screener Works

  1. Our talent screener links with your online applicant tracking system (ATS) or Crown account.
  2. Applicants apply to a job posting on your website.
  3. They are directed to the Online Talent Screener questionnaire.
  4. Applicants respond to a set of job-related situations based on the role.
  5. Their responses are graphed based on role-specific attributes.
    Hiring managers use the data with other relevant information to decide who to advance in the hiring process.

Note: If your subscription is paired with our Interview Training service, Online Talent Screener training will be included in the workshop. We will schedule a separate training to discuss technical aspects of the service.

How do I budget for Applicant Screening?

Subscriptions for school districts are based on student population, while non-profits and business subscriptions are based on the number of employees. Both are billed annually, typically beginning once the screener is active and the training is complete. When the Online Talent Screener is used with Interview as a Service, it is billed as part of a customized project plan.

Source, Interview, & Select Candidates


For most organizations, recruiting and interviewing are a chore made even more difficult by inconsistent processes, competing instincts and personalities, and a lack of clarity on how to select the ideal candidate. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

How Crown Can Help

We believe every organization deserves a consistent interview process that recognizes the best applicants, while uniting your team on the desired traits for each role. Whether you need to train your team on interview best practices or you need a trusted advisor on candidates for leadership or specialty roles, Crown is here to help. With Interview Training and Interview as a Service, your team can confidently make the best employee choice, every time.


How Recruiting and Interview as a Service Works

  1. Define the position and job description your team is looking to hire (For example:, managers, executive managers, specialty roles, school administrators, etc.)
  2. Choose between our full recruiting services or ask us to help sort out finalists you bring to us.
  3. Provide our team with details that help us listen carefully for the person most desired for this position.
  4. Interview applicants are screened internally or by Crown’s Online Talent Screener, while Recruiting applicants receive the full Crown suite of screening tools.
  5. Define a finalized list of top candidates.
  6. Crown will contact and interview each candidate.
  7. Crown will provide an executive summary with recommendations typically within one to two business days of the interview. Full Recruiting clients receive only recommended candidate reports on an agreed timeline.
  8. Discuss the advantages of each candidate, with Crown as an advisor.
  9. Make your final decision on the best candidate for your team.

Note: These services are provided remotely. Contact us for specific pricing.

How do I budget for Recruiting and Interview as a Service?

For full Recruiting as a Service clients, Crown’s end-to-end service is a flat rate plan billed in two parts, when the new hire begins the new job and then after several months of proven performance.

The Interview as a Service in-depth interviews and predictive reporting are billed per finalist candidate. The Online Talent Screening is billed per finalist candidate for each project. Both are invoiced either as a full project or as interviewed depending on the size and scope of the project.

Both services are provided remotely and are very responsive to a fluid job market.


How Interview as a Skill Works

  1. Decide which team members will be involved in hiring decisions.
  2. Crown works with you to set dates for the two phases of training.
  3. Phase 1 covers the mindset and skillset of interviewing.
  4. Between phases, each participant conducts a practice interview and studies sample scripts.
  5. Phase 2 provides practice interview feedback as part of ongoing training.
  6. Participants are certified as Crown Client Analysts, reaching 85% or higher consistency within our standards.

Note: These trainings can be done onsite or online. Contact us for specific pricing.

How do I budget for Interview Training?

Interview Training is billed per participant. We can invoice separately for Phase 1 and 2, or combine the two sessions. Training is available remotely via online meeting and classroom, or onsite as desired.  Additional travel costs for onsite training are billed separately within a budget, appropriate for each session.

Develop Leaders


Making sure you have the best person in each role doesn’t stop when you extend a job offer. Professional development helps leaders pinpoint their strengths and areas for growth, while creating goals to help them improve.

How Crown Can Help

We provide Professional Growth based on interview feedback to help your new and existing employees continue to grow in their role. This growth experience is designed for individuals or teams who were recently hired, may not have been chosen for promotion, or simply want to become more effective leaders.

How Professional Growth Works

  1. Choose the individuals or teams who will receive feedback.
  2. Crown prepares individual and group feedback reports based on past interviews and interviews with new participants.
  3. Crown conducts both team and individual feedback sessions with client leaders.
  4. Participants create SMART goals based on one strength and one area for growth.
  5. Crown schedules a follow-up session to refine those goals.

Note: We recommend that supervisors participate in individual feedback sessions to help craft goals and encourage accountability.

How do I budget for Professional Growth?

For participants who were interviewed in an Interview as a Service project, this service is a simple add-on per person. This is the same for candidates who were selected to fill the position as well as those who weren’t chosen but are receiving feedback for their current position.

For participants new to Crown, this service is billed per person for the full interview and reporting. For teams, we customize a plan that includes the individual participant investments, group composite reports, and costs for onsite training with the facilitator.

Engage Employees


You’ve hired and developed an amazing team, what are you doing to keep them? Monitor your organization’s cultural health as a critical retention strategy to know if your leadership culture is causing employees to leave… or stay.  Our Cultural Health Assessment pinpoints areas where your leaders clearly invite employees to engage as a team with suggestions for improvement.

How Crown Can Help

We provide an online survey for employees at all levels to give their views on how well your collective leadership culture is experienced by employees.  This Cultural Health Assessment is designed for organizations that value leadership qualities that bring out the best in people and want to improve behaviors that limit their effectiveness.

How the Cultural Health Assessment Works

  1. Choose the employee groups and departments who will receive the survey.
  2. Crown partners with your IT and leadership team to prepare your employees for the survey.
  3. Crown assists your IT team in distributing the Cultural Health Assessment email with the survey link that takes only a few minutes to complete and remains open for two weeks.
  4. Once the survey is closed, Crown analyzes the results and creates your graphical and written Cultural Health Report.
  5. We debrief the report with your leadership team including recommendations for action steps with Crown tools and your existing resources.

Note: We designed the online survey to work on desktop and mobile devices to encourage a high completion rate.

How do I budget for the Cultural Health Assessment?

Subscriptions for this service are based on the number of employees participating in the survey. This service is billed annually, typically once the set-up process begins and the initial survey is ready to launch. After the baseline survey is completed, a follow-up survey is conducted at least once a year to measure progress.  However, you may conduct this survey two or three times a year if desired for the same subscription amount.

"Our staff selection and development tools contribute to our success more than any other thing we have done...Crown, we are blessed to have you working with us! Thank you."

Jay Clark, Associate District Administrator,
Holmen, Wisconsin

"Crown provides critical information about potential new employees that impact our hiring decisions. The interview feedback provides us a roadmap to build upon their strengths and areas for growth once they begin their career in Minnetonka."

Tim Alexander, Assistant Superintendent for HR,
Minnetonka Minnesota

"We thought we were doing a good job, but Crown took us to the next level."

Dr. Scott Warren, Superintendent,
Lincolnshire, Illinois

"I want you know the person you helped us hire is doing a superb job in his new position. I am thoroughly impressed with his work, delivery of quality products, and action-oriented behavior. He has been a breath of fresh air and has truly changed the pace and focus of our team. Well done!"

Diane Gelston, Former Chief Commercial Officer,
Boston, Massachusetts

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