In an era of “yell-tell-hope-it-sells,” people who actually listen, ask questions, and look for common ground are the glue that holds things together.

These people are often humble, curious, and actually care about others. They often are not in the spotlight and quietly lean into potential conflict with a desire to understand and invite the offended person to help fix the problem.

Bridge-builders are so rare these days, when you experience their gift they may come across as weird, but comforting somehow. Instead of walking away more angry, this kind person makes you feel lighter and believing things can get better.

Bridge-builders help people see things from another point of view. It takes humility to realize your view isn’t the only viable option. Bridge-builders don’t make you accept and promote things you disagree with. Instead, they help you discover areas you can agree on and start from there.

After all what is a bridge? It is a structure that connects two objects or land masses separated by a gap too far to jump. This gap may never close, but at least there is a way to stay connected.

Life is a team sport. Help your team build bridges.

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