When do you want to know something isn’t what it seems — before your after you commit?

My team interviews candidates for clients in the final stages of hiring, mostly leaders and specialty roles. Several recent projects revealed candidates leaning into their strengths and covering over their gaps. This is normal, and a strategy most people use to get a job.

That’s fine unless you are the hiring manager or the employee or customer this person will work will day-to-day.

What the client hears in the screening interviews is Rapport, Communication, Positive Mindset, Accountability, and maybe some Mentoring. Sounds good! They seem to connect with people and get things done.

My interview helps me hear a different side to the story. We listen for patterns the client often doesn’t hear. What this person masked was how they show Empathy, Service to Others, Planning, Decision Making by convincing others to do it their way.

This candidate may listen and ask questions, then explain why you should comply. Tell, sell, and hope it gels.

In the end clients are happy we helped them avoid buyer’s remorse.

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