Leaders often invest time teaching their team because they know things. They know how and why and when to do things correctly to keep work on track. This is important, but it’s not the most important part.

That first leadership position is tempting to focus on the task. People often think they’re now the Head Do-er. Shift supervisors and managers may still have the task in mind, but that’s not their primary job.

Remember — the team is there to focus on the task. Leaders at all levels do their best when they become students of their team and help them grow.

There is something wonderful that happens when a leader invites others to speak first, learn something from listening, and adjust their actions accordingly.

Decisions and plans become a dialog instead of a To-Do list.

What happens when a leader uses teachable moments to ask questions to guide a team member instead of spouting their knowledge? The team member walks away feeling smarter and more capable.

It’s not your job to impress people with what you know. Your job as a leader is to impress your team with how much THEY know and what THEY can do.

Life is a team sport. Be a student of your team while teaching them.