About Crown Global HR

At Crown Global HR, We Bring Clarity to the Complex World of People

We are a full-service agile HR talent company that empowers our clients to develop and engage current teams while confidently recruiting and assessing talent for the future. We transform the workplace by consistently sourcing the right people into the right roles. We combine targeted candidate screening and theme-based interviews to remove uncertainty from recruitment and professional development, giving clients the tools to construct a workforce comprised entirely of top performers.

Our solutions are designed to augment existing resources and systems, enhancing the good work our clients are already doing with exceptionally sophisticated people and performance insights. 

Focused on HR Leaders Like You

Our founding team began their careers working alongside pioneers in the theme-based structured interview method. Together, they developed proven ways of interviewing that get to the heart of who people truly are as unique professionals.

 Not only does this type of interview help objectively identify the best candidates for the job, it also unlocks hidden gems for developing new employees into the best people for your organization.

In 2009, Crown Global Consulting was formed with a mission of helping HR leaders master this method of hiring and growing their best employees. Bringing the best of what we learned from our mentors and experience, the Crown team has developed proven tools that capture a candidate’s beliefs and behaviors to guide your decisions.

Crown Global Services

A Theme-Based Understanding of People

Our tools are based on the concept of Life Themes, using basic human psychology and behavioral science.  As people live and make decisions based on what they value, they produce patterns of behavior that shape how they interact with people as part of their purpose in society. Theme-based interviews provide unbiased, meaningful insight into who a candidate really is – their strengths and gaps, their commitment to service and collaboration, their willingness to support their peers and the organization.

In order to understand what an ideal candidate looks like within a given role, Crown studies high performing individuals and refines questions to arrive at the essential traits necessary for predicting performance excellence. This helps us create a structured, predictable interview process that dramatically reduces bias and gives leaders confidence in the quality of the information produced. It’s also an incredibly personal, human-oriented practice – we use technology for analysis, but it’s our ability to synthesize and communicate these insights that sets us apart. Each service provides you with results summarized in written and visual graphs to give you easy, on the fly comparisons, avoid information overload, and provide actionable insights.

Crown Global Consulting is Now Crown Global HR


We updated our company name in 2019, with more focus on mastering the balance between technology and a personal touch. Crown Global HR is a trusted partner to organizations like yours across the country.

Services that Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Professional Growth

Develop Leaders

Give your leaders feedback for professional growth based on insights that go beyond annual survey data.

Engage Employees

Our Cultural Health Assessment pinpoints areas where your leaders clearly invite employees to engage as a team with suggestions for improvement.

Interview and Select Employees

When it’s time to hire high-level leaders and specialty roles, Crown partners with you to give an added level of confidence.

Connect & Go

Screen Applicants Online

Focus your time and resources on applicants who reflect qualities you value, beyond the resume.

Looking for a Talent Solution?

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