Microsoft was under the microscope in 1999 -2000 under DoJ investigation. Several company execs were called together to find a way to calm the storm in the hearts of the employees so they could respond well.

Eventually, a woman with executive responsibilities for community affairs stood and told her story of how unfair this investigation was to well-meaning people. She complained about the negative PR image of Microsoft that was being spread. It was clear in her talk that the executive team need to share their values as a company with the world.

And then eveyone became painfully aware of their deeper underlying problem. When she asked, “What are our values?” No one had an answer. Nor did anyone else in the company. No one had written them down. They just assumed someone had figured that out along the way. Eighteen months later, they finally came up with a statement after some deep reflection across the business.

I may have a small amount of guilty pleasure telling this story as a Mac guy, but Apple has their own verson of this story too. How about you?

What would you say to that simple question? And if you can find them, does anyone know them or live them out each day?

Life is a team sport. Let you team help define the values that guide your play.