Everything has changed. Normally my team responds to requests from clients who want us to interview their top 3–5 finalists for leadership or specialty positions.

3–5 finalists? Maybe.

More often clients say they can’t find 3–5 viable applicants to even interview.

Their previous approach just hasn’t worked, and they desperately need help filling these positions. What can they do?

Off-the-shelf staffing and recruiting firms mainly look at resumes and surface data to send warm bodies or slightly relevant applicants. But clients don’t want to settle or waste precious time.

We now help clients go on the offense and search for talented people instead of passively waiting for them to come.

We actively recruit hard-to-fill positions by posting and sourcing applicants on their behalf, and only bring candidates who pass our:

> Talent screener

> Resume screen

> Phone screen and resume check

> In-depth interview

ONLY THEN do we bring a candidate to a client to review, interview, and decide to hire. We only deliver candidates who are a good use of their limited time and resources.

Life is a team sport. Can we pivot with you to keep growing your team?